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Where Design and Data create the perfect User Experience,

on any screen.

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During the consultation phase, we will get to know you and your goals. We will spend as long as needed until we perfectly understand what you want to accomplish. As soon as we have what we need, we'll get started right away with making your goals a reality. From here you decide how hands on, or off, you want to be in the future steps. If you would rather spend your time with all your other business concerns, we can keep you up to speed with our progress every step along the way. 

What you get

  • Personalized meet and greet.

  • Catered plan development for your goals and objectives. 

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During the prototype phase, we take everything we learned from consulting and user research and we combine everything into a design born out of the clients objectives and their customer's desires. We create personas and prototype with the user's interested in mind. While we prototype, we conduct user interviews to ensure all designs are still up to the expectations of you and your customers.

What you get

  • Customer based design ideas.

  • Initial direction for user experience design. 

  • A clear understanding of the road ahead.

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Design is where all of the research and learning gets a digital makeover. We take the most up to date principles of User Experience and combine them with your user's biggest needs to build your digital experience into something both beautiful and functional.

What you get

  • Prototypes of designs for review

  • A say in the creative process

  • A final product that you will be proud to put in front of
    your customers

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User Research

Once your product is in front of your users it's finally time for us to really impress you. From this stage we actually reach out to customers and find out their feelings to your product. We will meet with them, watch them interact with your product, interview them and so on, all to better your end product. From this data, we go back to the design phase and make every single necessary change to continue to grow your product. 

What you get

  • Test based results from your user's about your product.

  • A very deep and detailed report on the habits and feelings of your products in the hands of your users.

  • Continued design upgrades based on User Research.

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An even better way to learn about your user's experience is looking behind the curtain. We will look at the finest details about their experiences as they journey from page to page or action to action in your site/app. We narrow down the pain points and drop off rates as we dig into what your user's ultimate goal is on your product. Just like in User Research, we take what we learn here and further improve the design.

What you get

  • Greatly detailed but easy to understand reports on what your customers are doing in app or online with your product.

  • Reporting on pain points and slow points from your product.

  • Things your customers like and use and things they may not use as much.

  • Update with all designs based on findings. 

Never Stop Soaring

Just like technology is always growing, always changing, the same goes for a user's expectations. There will never be a point when User Experience doesn't need constant refinement and updates. Don't worry, we'll keep everything up to speed with our ever evolving experience and expertise. After all, that's what the Sherpa does. 

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