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Consultation and design for a ground up emerging product.

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& Scope

Market Research





Consultation & Scope

The first step in every journey is getting to know our clients, their business goals, and customer needs. Good user experience is about solving problems - we make sure we understand these problems before we take any more steps. 

We spent time discussing the product with the team at Bell and consulting them on UX best practices based on where they were in the project. 

With a joint understanding, we scoped the project based on real world parameters and wrote up a strategy proposal. 

Design Implementation

While these pixel perfect renditions of our phase 1 designs often serve as the poster child for UX designer's work, they certainly don't come first. They are the result of much need research and iteration based on identified user need, preferences and real world obstacles facing the product.

Market Research

Because we are solving a problem, we need to understand what obstacles our users face as well as the expectations that they have based on market standards. This informs us of existing behaviors that we need to cater to and new behaviors that we will need to teach our users. 

Market and competitive product analysis happen here. We spent important time learning the market and defining how Bell would stand out from the competition.

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